About myFries

Are you avoiding french fries because they make you feel bloated and gross? Our crispy baked french fries won’t! MyFries is a fresh new concept that offers over a 1000 combinations and you can load your fries just the way you like them. You can have just the fries, pick from our delicious choices or you can create your own poutine with a variety of toppings like slow-cooked BBQ pork, pulled braised roast beef or our home made chili.  Top this with our signature gravy, butter chicken sauce or our creamy green peppercorn sauce. Or, if this is not enough, you can keep going with your choice of sauteed mushrooms, green peppers, caramelized onions, sour cream, salsa, fresh made guacamole, and so much more you must come and see for yourself.

Because our food is made from scratch, we are dedicated gluten free, have vegan options (incl. vegan gravy), have dairy free options and we’re peanut free!
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