At myFries we are committed to:

Dedicated Gluten Free

We have been completely gluten free since 2012.
During the years, never had any cross contamination or anything. There are simply no gluten at myFries. This means you can order anything from the menu, you don’t have to quiz the waiter to see if they understand celiac disease. Blend in with our regular customers, feel normal and don’t worry about after. You can get back to work, drive home or do anything.

It’s called “anxiety free eating” We are committed to be completely gluten free.

We will not add any “surprises” to our menu.

You are safe here 😉


Make it a classic poutine with Daiya and our tasty vegan gravy or create your own poutine by picking your own toppings including the Chipotle Black Bean Crumble. Ask us if you have any questions about ingredients. 

Lactose Intolerance

Dairy sensitivity is no fun. Our daughter is lactose intolerant and we get it, it is hard to find dairy free meals in a restaurant.
We make it easy for you to enjoy poutine without the consequences.

Let us know when you order about your need and we can tell you exactly what is safe for you to add on our fries.

What else?

We are peanut free and low sodium.

We don’t add salt to the fries because we

figure you can add your own salt,

just the way you like it.

The choice is yours.

Ask for our nutritional information in the store.