100-GFWe work hard to offer our customers high-quality, fresh food choices. Because we don’t buy ready made foods from food service companies, our recipes have been created with you in mind. The toppings are wholesome and simple but delicious, low in salt because we believe you can always add the salt but can’t take it out. Our oven baked fries are prepared before our customers without the typical greasy smell that you find in other restaurants.


Our fries are not like the typical fries you find at other restaurants that use deep fryers. Our fries taste like potatoes but without the deep fry fat and because we don’t know how much salt you like on your fries, we’ll let you add your own.

Then, after you’re done your meal, you don’t have that gross greasy feeling in your stomach or the heartburn that comes with deep fried foods.

Our ingredients are high-integrity ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. Our food is wholesome and delicious. We strive to provide food that our customers will not only enjoy themselves but also food they’ll feel good about serving to their families.  That’s why all ingredients are always cut fresh and prepared from scratch. This gives you the customer the best we can offer. Our meats are slow-cooked and sliced, our handmade chili is slow simmered and mushrooms and onions fresh sauteed. The entire menu is guaranteed gluten free!